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Gradle Manipulator @ Red Hat

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Project Version Manipulation


The tool uses the same code from PME and therefore supports a subset of the features from here

Disabling Version Manipulation

If versionModification is set to false (default: true) then no version change will happen.

Automatic version increment

The extension can be used to append a version suffix/qualifier to the current project, and then apply an incremented index to the version to provide a unique release version. For example, if the current project version is 1.0.0.GA, the extension can automatically set the version to 1.0.0.GA-rebuild-1, 1.0.0.GA-rebuild-2, etc. This is enabled by default and the value set to redhat.

The extension is configured using the property versionIncrementalSuffix.

Note that if manipulation.json already exists then this will also be used as a source of information to calculate the increment value.

Version increment padding

When using the automatic increment it is also possible to configure padding for the increment. For instance, by setting versionIncrementalSuffixPadding to 3 the version will be rebuild-003. This is enabled by default and set to 5.

Snapshot Detection

The tool can detect snapshot versions and either preserve the snapshot or replace it with a real version. This is controlled by the property versionSuffixSnapshot. The default is false (i.e. remove SNAPSHOT and replace by the suffix).